Photos by Scott Martinez

Since I have a hard time writing myself, I'll keep it brief.

I picked up a SLR camera about 20 years ago, hoping to document the birth of my first daughter. I was amazed at the first black and white prints I had made. I was hooked. I had been a working sound and AV technician since the late 80's, and the technical issues of taking photos came easy to me. Composition and working with people came later. I still work on those everyday. 

Digital photography was next. My first digital camera saved 640x480 images to a floppy disc. I still have those images of family and friends saved. I tend to delete nothing! Eventually DSLR's took over, and that's what I shoot with today. 

I have relationships with dance studios mainly because I was the sound guy for many recitals at the INB Performing Arts Center, as well as the Bing Crosby Theater in downtown Spokane. I mixed many Nutcrackers for the Spokane Symphony, and have seen a lot of Ballet. My first interest was sports photography, but ballet shoots like sports photography for me, so it was an easy transition to catching a dancer leaping in the air. 

Now I shoot dance, high school senior portraits, actor headshots, and some gymnastics meets and picture day photos. I also shoot video for dance recitals, and have full DVD duplicating and print equipment.





Trying to keep things running smoothly

Trying to keep things running smoothly